Migraine Relief - Tension Supression

Tension Supression System (night guard) - The NTI is a dentist fabricated, custom made device fitted to a patient’s front teeth and worn while sleeping. While in place, the NTI reduces neuromuscular activity (jaw clenching) by preventing any contact between the back molar or canine teeth; thereby reducing migraine headache pain and attacks or preventing them all together..

Fast relief from tension / migraine headaches and sore teeth and jaw

Do you need relief from tension or migraine headaches, sore teeth, aching jaws or morning headaches?

If you have tension/migraine headaches or sore teeth and jaw, this could be caused by “clenching” your teeth while sleeping. This clenching at night can cause painful morning headaches, cracked teeth, and sore muscles in the face, neck and back. Now we can provide you with the only FDA approved dental device that fights migraine headaches without surgery. The dental device is called an “NTI.” The NTI works by reducing the force of the clenching. By minimizing the source of the pain, relief is usually seen in a few days. By wearing the NTI when you sleep at night, resolution of headaches, neck pain, sore jaws and related pain can occur.


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